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Basic about Dresden

Dresden is the capital of the Free State of Saxony, in southern Germany. The city has approximately 500,000 citizens and more than 10 million visitors per year.

Events near Dresden

Sandstein & Musik (Sandstone & Music)

29 Mar – 6 Dec 2008; Thu, Fri, Sat, and Sun only (annual)

Price: €10-€26

The Sandstein & Musik festival, established in 1992, stages chamber, brass and orchestral concerts in idyllic venues around Dresden and is a delightful way to experience the beautiful local countryside. The theme of the 2008 festival is „Romance“.



June 27 to June 29, 2008 (annual)

The annual Elbhangfest takes place along a seven-kilometre stretch of the Elbe, known as the Saxony Wine Street. There are more than 200 outdoor events, ranging from concerts, theatre and dance performances to exhibitions, readings, tours and children’s festivities.

Film Nights on the Elbe

Jun 26 to August 24, 2008 (annual)

This wonderful open-air film festival, popular with locals and tourists, takes place along the banks of the River Elbe as it snakes its way through Dresden city centre.

The festival began in 1991 and now it attracts 100,000 film lovers, or people who just fancy making the most of the Dresden summer evenings with a glass of wine.

In addition to screenings, the line-up often includes performances by live bands. For details, please check the web site: http://www.filmnaechte-am-elbufer.de/fn.php?idx=20