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Basic about Dresden

Dresden is the capital of the Free State of Saxony, in southern Germany. The city has approximately 500,000 citizens and more than 10 million visitors per year.

Festivals and annual events 2009

January 2009

New Year’s Brunch Brunch

January 1, 2009 in baroque style on Staatsweingut Schloss Wackerbarth (the Saxon wine-growing estate) http://www.schloss-wackerbarth.de/

March 2009

Dresdens March-Festival-Days

19 March 2009 until 29 March 2009, various plays by Carl Maria von Weber and Paul Hindemith among others http://www.semperoper.de/

April 2009

Filmfest Dresden

April 14 – April 19, 2009 (21st annual)

Filmfest Dresden showcases animated and short films. The festival features productions from countries including Hungary, France and Japan, and local film producers from Saxony present their latest work.

Full details of the venues, programs and prices: http://www.filmfest-dresden.de/

May 2009

Traditional Steam Boat Parade

1 May 2009, http://www.saechsische-dampfschiffahrt.de

German Day of Sparkling Wine

9 May 2009, Festival around the theme of sparkling wine at Schloss Wackerbarth (the Saxon wine-growing estate) http://www.schloss-wackerbarth.de/

Dresden Music Festival

May 20, 2008 to June 07, 2008 (32st annual)

In 2009, the Dresden Music Festival theme is “New World”. The Dresden Music Festival is now the largest classic music festival in Germany. The festival takes place at many different venues from the well-known Semperoper and the rebuilt Frauenkirche to open-air places, of which some are situated in the historic part of the baroque city. For location and programs, please check the web site at http://www.musikfestspiele.com/cms/en/home/

International Dixie Festival

May 13 to May 17, 2009 (39th annual)

This is the 39th International Dixieland Festival, with multitude of jazz bands from eight countries participating in this year’s event. This traditional Old time Jazz festival has fascinated millions of visitors with its variety and quality since 1971.


June 2009

Pentecost excursion to Dixieland

1 June 2009, Dixie in baroque atmosphere at Schloss Wackerbarth (the Saxon wine-growing estate) http://www.schloss-wackerbarth.de/

Dresden Christopher Street Day (Dresden Pride)

June 13, 2009 (annual)

Dresden’s 2009 gay pride celebrations include a big parade, films and a theatre piece. The parade forms at Albertplatz at noon and marches to Schloßplatz, where a big street party continues the celebratory mood. http://www.csd-dresden.de/

Bunte Republik Neustadt

June 19 to 21, 2009 (annual)

The festival was started by young Dresdeners and now attracts a wide range of locals and tourists with its carnivals throughout the area. With three days of events and festivities presenting over 1000 artists and projects, the high point of the weekend will be the open-air Sunday brunch, with dance music and live music from local punk and pop bands.

Summer Night Ball Dance

20 June 2009, in baroque atmosphere at Schloss Wackerbarth (the Saxon wine-growing estate) http://www.schloss-wackerbarth.de/

Elbe Bank Festival

26 June 2009 until 28 June 2009, Festival with artesania, Saxon specialties, antiques and wine as well as the Dragon Boat Festival http://www.elbhangfest.de/


28-Jun-09, Celebrating one of the nicest parties in the beautiful baroque garden at Schloss Wackerbarth (the Saxon wine-growing estate) http://www.schloss-wackerbarth.de/

July 2009

Summer Night of Museums

July 12, 2009 (annual), from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m

Forty of Dresden’s museums unite to open in the evening, mimicking the „long night“ that galleries in other German cities have staged with great success.

Extra activities, special tours and parties in museums, castles, on historical paddle steamers, in the botanical gardens and the zoo add to the special atmosphere of nocturnal adventure. A special shuttle service provides easy travel between the different locations.


Saxony Tour International

22 July 2009 until 26 July 2009, an international bike elite race http://www.sachsen-tour-international.de/

August 2009

Moritzburg Festival Chamber

8 August 2009 until 23 August 2009, music festival in Moritzburg http://www.moritzburgfestival.de/

2nd Pillnitz Palace Night

8 August 2009, Festival of light, music, entertainment in the fabulous atmosphere of Pillnitz Palace

Open house day of wineyards

29 August 2009 & 30 August 2009, All vinyards along the Saxon wine street are inviting their guests
http://www.schloss-wackerbarth.de/, http://www.weinbauverband-sachsen.de/

Dresden City Festival 2009

August 2009

For three days and nights, Dresden will be alive with music, ancient spectacles and activities – guaranteeing fun for the whole family. The various events as well as the steamer festival of the „Sächsiche Dampfschifffahrt“ will turn the city centre of Dresden into a great party area with a huge number of festival areas. All concerts and events are free of charge. www.dresden.de/stadtfest

For accommodation, cultural programs or sightseeing offers tel. 351/49192100

September 2009

Bardinale Poetry festival

1 September 2009, http://www.bardinale.com/

Federweißer Festival

12 September 2009 & 13 September 2009, open-air festival at Schloss Wackerbarth (the Saxon wine-growing estate) http://www.schloss-wackerbarth.de/

October 2009

Dresden Marathon

18 October 2009, City Marathon with historic scenery http://www.dresden-marathon.de/

November 2009


5 November 2009 until 15 November 2009, Festival of media art in Hellerau http://www.cynetart.de/


7 November 2009, The biggest party of the year in Dresden – bars, restaurants, stores work together http://www.unity-dresden-night.de/

Dresden Christmas Market

November 26 to December 24, 2009 (annual)

Germany’s oldest Christmas market, first mentioned in 1434, fills the beautiful Old Town of Dresden. The main market takes place in the Münzgasse Street, between the world-famous Frauenkirche and the Brühlsche Terrasse.

The Christmas market is called the “Striezelmarkt”, it is named for the local specialty “Striezel” (or Stollen), type of sweet bread made around Christmas time.

The Striezelmarkt is special because Dresden lies close to the rural areas where German Christmas craft items have traditionally been made. Ceramics from Upper Lusatia in the country’s southeast corner are one such local speciality, but the best known are the wooden toys and nutcrackers from the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) on the Czech border. For a special taste treat, try the Pfefferkuchen („pepper pastries“, or spice cakes) from Pulsnitz.

Santa Claus visits every day at 4 p.m.

Cost: Free

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., Friday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.